MeUnderKey Encrypted Files System
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Create your own Stand-Alone Self-Decrypting/Encrypting Files
- The MeUnderKey system allows you to build and maintain your own database of encrypted files for safely sharing or storing.
- The entire MeUnderKey Encrypted File System is free for personal use. Contact us for customized or commercial variations.
- Provided by Netwindow Solutions: Creating personal and commercial browser-based tools since 1997.
The MeUnderKey Web Apps below encrypt your text* AND the encryption programs into a single stand-alone HTML file that you may save and store on your device or safely share or save as an email attachment or uploaded to the Net. You can store your encrypted pages anywhere, including on your own computer, eMail them, upload them to the Net. MeUnderKey Web Apps are standalone in the sense that they never contact the Internet.
Encrypt your text using any key/phrase you choose.
Save the file on your device, upload it to the Net, or eMail as you wish.
Load your file on any device into any browser using a URL or your browser's File/Load.
Create a Read-Only or an Updatable allowing edit and re-encryption.
The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Algorithm used is the gold-standard in encryption.
*In order to minimize illegal activities or abuse, your data must be pure text. That would include such things as Text, Coding, and HTML but not executable programs, PDF files, images, video, audio or other content of a non-text nature.
Create Your Stand-Alone Self-Decrypting/Edit/Re-Encrypting files in
simple steps.
If you lose your chosen encryption key/phrase your only hope is guessing.
Choose the type of stand-alone file you wish to create:
These are standalone self-decrypting files that can be saved on your device or be securely shared with others, either as an email attachment or posted on the Net.
These stand-alone encrypted files include the program allowing them to be edited and updated, then re-encrypted and saved or shared with others by posting on the Net or as eMail attachments for creating and exchanging encrypted messages. There are countless other applications such as an encrypted container for Websites passwords that can be edited and updated as needed and safely stored anywhere.